[R] selectFGR - variable selection in fine gray model for competing risks

Raja, Dr. Edwin Amalraj amalraj.raja at abdn.ac.uk
Sun Mar 18 16:26:00 CET 2018

Dear All,

   I would like to use R function 'selectFGR' of fine gray model in competing risks model.  I used the 'Melanoma' data in 'riskRegression' package.  Some of the variables are factor.  I get solution for full model but not in variable selection model.  Any advice how to use factor variable in 'selectFGR' function.  The following R code is produced below for reproducibility.

dat <-data(Melanoma,package="riskRegression")
Melanoma$logthick <- log(Melanoma$thick)
f1 <- Hist(time,status)~age+sex+epicel+ulcer
df1 <-FGR(f1,cause=1, data=Melanoma)
df <-selectFGR(f1, data=Melanoma, rule ="BIC",  direction="backward")

Thanks in advice for your suggestion. Is there any alternative solution ?

Amalraj raja

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