[R] Plotting Notched Box Plots Log Scale - Losing bottom portion of box plot

David Doyle kydaviddoyle at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 20:52:00 CET 2018


I'm using the code below to generate some notched box plots.  The issue is
whenever I use log scale, the sides of the bottom part of the box plots
don't plot.  I've tried it in RStudio Ver 1.1.419 and R version 3.4.3 and I
get the same result.

The code and link to my data is below.

Thank you for your time

MyData <- read.table("http://doylesdartden.com/ExampleIron.CSV",
header=TRUE, sep=",")

MyDataIronx <- c("Location", "Iron")

MyDataIron <- MyData[MyDataIronx]

plot(MyDataIron, notch=TRUE,log = "y",ylim=c(0.01, 100))

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