[R] How do I include a factor in a groupedData object? Meaning and use of inner and outer parameters

Sorkin, John jsorkin at som.umaryland.edu
Thu Mar 22 13:59:44 CET 2018

Windows 10 64-bit, R-Studio, R version 3.4.3

Several questions relating to groupedData:

(1) I am trying to create a groupedData object that can be used to run an analysis that I have been able to urn using lmer. When I include the interaction terms in the groupedData opbject I get an error message stating that + is not meaningful for factors. How do I include factors in my model? See code and error below.

(2) I have read the help file for groupedData multiple times. I am unable to understand the meaning or, or the use for the inner= and outer= parameters in the call to groupedData. Can someone either explain the meaning of these parameters or refer me to a source that give a clear explanation?

> fit0 <- lmer(THmean~INTRVNTN+factor(TimePtID)+INTRVNTN*factor(TimePtID)+(1|PatientID),data=smalldata)
> sdgd <- groupedData(THmean~INTRVNTN+TimePtID+INTRVNTN*TimePtID|PatientID,data=smalldata)
Warning messages:
1: In Ops.factor(INTRVNTN, TimePtID) : �+� not meaningful for factors
2: In Ops.factor(INTRVNTN, TimePtID) : �*� not meaningful for factors

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