[R] how to add a child to a child in XML

Bond, Stephen Stephen.Bond at cibc.com
Thu Mar 22 14:19:35 CET 2018

Big thanks. newXMLNode works great. Wonder why it is not included in the documentation.
There is newXMLDoc and newXMLNamespace, but no mention of newXMLNode.


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XML doesn't use the `$` to access child nodes.  Instead use either `[name]` to get a list of children of that name or `[[name]]` to get the just the first child of that name encountered in the genealogy.  Thus for your example...

> root$child1

> root[['child1']]
<child1 name1="A" name2="B" name3="C"/>

On the other hand, you might consider using newXMLNode() instead of xmlNode() as it accepts a "parent = " argument.  The alternative using newXMLNode() would look like...

atts_root <- c("val1","val2","val3")
names(atts_root) <- c("att1","att2","att3")
root <- newXMLNode("root", attrs = atts_root)

atts_child <- LETTERS[1:3]
names(atts_child) <- paste("name",1:3,sep="")
child <- newXMLNode("child",attrs = atts_child, parent = root)

atts_grandchild <- letters[1:3]
names(atts_grandchild) <- paste("name",4:6,sep="")
grandchild <- newXMLNode("grandchild",attrs = atts_grandchild, parent = child)

#<root att1="val1" att2="val2" att3="val3">
#  <child name1="A" name2="B" name3="C">
#    <grandchild name4="a" name5="b" name6="c"/>
#  </child>


On Mar 21, 2018, at 4:25 PM, Bond, Stephen <Stephen.Bond at cibc.com<mailto:Stephen.Bond at cibc.com>> wrote:

I am trying to add a child to a child using XML package in R. the following fails


node1 <- c("val1","val2","val3")

names(node1) <- c("att1","att2","att3")

root <- xmlNode("root", attrs=node1)

node2 <- LETTERS[1:3]

names(node2) <- paste("name",1:3,sep="")

root <- addChildren(root,xmlNode("child1",attrs=node2))

node3 <- letters[1:3]

names(node3) <- paste("name",4:6,sep="")

root <- addChildren(root$child1,xmlNode("child2",attrs=node3))

Error in UseMethod("addChildren") : no applicable method for 'addChildren' applied to an object of class "NULL"

Stephen B

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