[R] restricted cubic spline in FGR function

Thomas Alexander Gerds tag at biostat.ku.dk
Sat Mar 24 07:10:34 CET 2018

the problem is not in my package. you can probably see this with tracebach()

rcs is from rms and FGR is just a wrapper for cmprsk

it would be nice though to fix this and if you can I would be very happy
to include your contribution in my package.

"Raja, Dr. Edwin Amalraj" <amalraj.raja at abdn.ac.uk> writes:

> Dear Thomas,
>    I want to use evaluate effect of Age using restricted cubic form  in the  FGR function  as
> Fgr.crr <- FGR(Hist(time, event) ~ rcs(Age_years), data=dat)
> It provides error.  " Error in parse(text = termtext, keep.source = FALSE):  ....   1: response ~ rcs(Age_years
> Do I need to change any of the R code?
> Regards
> Amalraj Raja
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