[R] LINUX gfortran.so.3 missing

Joe W. Byers ecjbosu at aol.com
Thu Mar 29 13:56:45 CEST 2018


I wanted to share this with the users.  I have been having periodic 
issues with packages loading with a missing gfortran.so.3 file.  I have 
found this is due to system upgrades to my fedora linux computers to a  
newer version of gfortran. I am not sure if other linux flavors have 
this issue or not, but I expect if you do a major version upgrade it 
will happen.

The fix is to re-install the packages that was linked to gfortran.so.3.  
This is a real simple fix, only I don't know what packages are at issue 
to re-install all at one time, so periodically I have this issue appears 
much to my exasperation.

If anyone knows how to determine all installed packages with a gfortran 
dependencies, then we could submit a short update script for this.


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