[R] How can I know the Hausdorff dimensions of fractals in the 'fractalcurve' function of package 'pracma'?

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Sat Sep 8 14:33:54 CEST 2018

Dear Dr. Hans W. Borchers,

I'm using your 'pracma' package. It is very useful. May I have a small question for the 'fractalcurve' function? How can I know the Hausdorff dimension for every option below?

c("hilbert", "sierpinski", "snowflake", "dragon", "triangle", "arrowhead", "flowsnake", "molecule")

For the "dragon" option, its Hausdorff dimension is log(4)/log(2) = 2. For the others, what are the Hausdorff dimensions?

I have found the list of some fractals by Hausforff dimensions. I don't know which in the above option corresponds to which in Wikepedia.

Thanks a lot!

Best wishes,

Peijian Shi


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