[R] Packaged exe and Shiny

Kevin Kowitski k@kowit@ki @ending from icloud@com
Mon Sep 10 17:54:27 CEST 2018

Hey Everyone, 

  I do not know if this topic has been covered, I'm sure it must have, but is there a good environment for packaging R code into a distributed exe. (which includes all of the required libraries, etc.)?  I have seen that Shiny is a good GUI / Web library for sharing R programs, but I have never used it. 

What is the groups input on this?  

My goal is to create some basic tools (with interfaces) at work for analyzing .csv files and generating basic graphs and output csv files. These tools would be distributed to team members to have on their desktops.   I considered doing this in Java, but I am more well versed in R so it would be quicker for me to whip up the varying tools in R than re-learning Java. 

Thank you!


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