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Wed Sep 12 08:20:40 CEST 2018

Dear r-users,

I want to draw dotplot for mtcars data according to cyl. There are three
types of cylinder 4,6,8. However when we draw it does not use 4,6,8 instead
label it as 1,2,3.

I have this code and would like to customise the tick mark according to cyl

dotplot(cyl ~ mpg, data = mtcars, groups = cyl, cex=1.2,axes=FALSE,
  main="Gas Milage for Car Models",  xlab="Miles Per Gallon")
ticks = c(1,2,3)
axis(2, at = ticks, labels=c(4,6,8))

I got this message:

axis(2, at = ticks, labels=c(4,6,8))
Error in axis(2, at = ticks, labels = c(4, 6, 8)) :
  plot.new has not been called yet

Thank you so much for any help given.
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