[R] Fitting Production Curves

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Fri Sep 21 07:31:07 CEST 2018

Hi All,

By a production curve I mean for example the output of a mine, peak oil production or the yield of a farm over time within the same season. It is this last example that we should take as the prototypical case.

What I would like to do is to fit a curve that inherits qualities of the discrete production data (such as area of the curve equaling the total production for the season). Fitting a curve with least squares (such as a Gaussean or Hubbert) presents some issues (with regards to accuracy of inherited features). My next logical attempt would be to fit a sum of curves, such as a Fourier or Wavelet sum. Perhaps there is something simpler or more flexible in the way I am thinking?

My question is:

1. What would be an effective approach be to fit generalised production curves?
2. If a Wavelet sum is one of the best approaches, what would be a good way of implementing such curve fitting (including calculated coefficients) in R?
3. Is there anything else or another way that I should rather be thinking about this instead?

Best regards
Phillip-Jan van Zyl
MSc Mathematics, Stellenbosch

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