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Hello Jim, as new use"R" myself, 1.5 years I HIGHLY recommend emersion.

Subscribe to :



Anything Hadley Wickam, he has several free e-books.

Depending on  r-help (r-help using r-project.org<mailto:r-help using r-project.org>) is a tough way to go, they can be hard on new users without the formality of:
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Be prepared for partial suggestions that depend on your further research, trial and error!


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I am newly subscribed to r-project.

I have recently plunged into R on a totally self-taught basis (may not have been the smartest decision!)

I am attempting to download tickers as a time series. I can successfully create RDA files but I want to convert them to CVS. Following is the code I have created so far.

if (!require(BatchGetSymbols)) install.packages('BatchGetSymbols')


tickers <- c('SPY','VCR', 'RPG')

first.date<http://first.date> <- Sys.Date()-365

last.date<http://last.date> <- Sys.Date<http://Sys.Date>

l.out <- BatchGetSymbols(tickers = tickers,

first.date<http://first.date> = first.date<http://first.date>,

last.date<http://last.date> = last.date<http://last.date>,

cache.folder = file.path("c://Users/Owner/Documents/R",

+ 'BGS_Cache') )



I can print(l.out) and see that it contains all the data, but it is not a data.frame

Can anyone help with creating a data.frame and then converting to CSV?

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!



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