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I'm a little surprised at some of what happens, but you can get date labels on the x axis like this:

drng <- as.Date( c('2005-1-1' , '2005-12-31') )
plot(1, type="n", xlab="", ylab="", xaxt='n', xlim=drng, ylim=c(-.5, -10))
axis(1, at= pretty(drng), lab=format(pretty(drng)))

and if you prefer some other date format, specify it in the call to format()

Did you intend to reverse the direction of your  y axis?

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On 9/19/18, 7:55 AM, "R-help on behalf of Ogbos Okike" <r-help-bounces using r-project.org on behalf of giftedlife2014 using gmail.com> wrote:

    Dear Experts,
    I generated the plot attached. Every other thing is OK except the black
    horizontal lines which should appear like points or dots as the coloured
    ones. I can't understand why.
    I tried to change it to look like dots by calling empty plots so that I
    will add them as points.
    Since I have a range of date that can fall any where within 2005, I tried:
    plot(1, type="n", xlab="", ylab="",
    xlim=c(as.Date("2005-01-01"),as.Date("2005-12-31")), ylim=c(-.5, -10))
    ylim worked fine but xlim instead of appearing like date as indicated on
    the x-axes of the attached plot, translated to ordinary numbers (12800,
    12900,13000, 13100).
    All the data is of the same format:
    2005-01-04 -2.76105935648091
    2005-01-19 -9.60813496025994
    2005-01-22 -7.92101965866777
    2005-02-19 -1.61308152604905
    2005-02-24 -1.51497015807712
    2005-05-09 -2.06465797304654
    2005-05-11 -1.14840389007051
    2005-05-16 -3.85281900888504
    2005-06-13 -1.18659683796617
    2005-06-17 -3.48787712566258
    2005-06-22 -1.14223758296308
    2005-07-18 -4.96013018907366
    2005-08-03 -1.24313324914368
    2005-08-07 -2.96672894841722
    2005-08-10 -1.11868063781156
    2005-08-25 -1.46453734930983
    2005-09-13 -8.00895215754776
    2005-09-15 -6.63439065989452
    2005-10-13 -2.25054996925846
    2005-12-15 -1.08933890547705
    Thank you so much for your input.
    Best regards
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