[R] Pairwise testing with pairwise.prop.test

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Mon Apr 1 01:09:35 CEST 2019

Hi all,

I have a few questions about the pairwise.prop.test function.
I run the test using on the attached dataset (EggMortNoTemp) using the following
EggMatrix<-as.matrix(EggMortNoTemp) #making the egg mortality data a matrix.
pairwise.prop.test needs it to be a matrix 
EggResults<-pairwise.prop.test(EggMatrix) EggResults
I get the attached result (EggResults).
My questions:1) Why is there a "-" instead of a numerical result for pairs 1-2,
1-16, and 2-16?
2) Is there an easy way to export/convert the result to a list with two columns
instead of the matrix? Column 1 would be the pair being compared, and column 2
would be the p-value. For example, Column 1 would say "6-8" so column 2 would
say "0.9532".
3) Is there a way to assign the numbers to the treatment group that they were
originally in? For example, "1" in the result should be "3", indicating that
that was the temperature the experiment took place at. Pairwise.prop.test
doesn't seem to accept matrices with more than 2 columns.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.
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