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Hi All--

Sorry i sent the one inadvertently

Her is a sample of my data. A data frame (MyDF) and a list (MyList).  My
own data frame has over 10,000 rows. I want to find out which elements of
MyDF$B contain any element(s) of MYList; then change MyDF$C to the name of
the vector of the list that has match.

I solved this via loops and if statements, using &in&  but I am hoping for
a better solution using the apply family functions. I tried something like
this but did not work.

lapply(strsplit(MyDF$B," "),function(x) lapply(MyList,function(y)  if(sum(y
%in% x)>0,x$Code==y[[1]]))

Thanks in advance--EK

My Sample data

> MyDF

    A     B        C
1 1 aa ab ac  0
2 2 bb bc bd  0
3 3    cc cf     0
4 4       dd     0
5 5       ee     0

> MyList

[1] "a"  "ba" "cc"

[1] "abs" "aa"  "BA"  "BB"

[1] "ab" "bb" "xy" "zy" "gh"

Desired results.

> MyDF

A        B   C
1 1 aa ab ac Y
2 2 bb bc bd Y
3 3    cc cf    X
4 4       dd     0
5 5       ee     0

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