[R] How can I solve this prediction problem?

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Tue Apr 9 13:32:52 CEST 2019

Hi, I'm new at R programming and I need help to solve this problem.

The objective is to predict the change of the value of the Close variable:
D(t) =Close(t) – Close(t-1) for a given day t, using the known data until
t-1 to generate the prediction model.

We can use univariate and multivariate models of temporal series as well as
machine Learning/data mining.

All the data are available in the cotton2.csv (future prices of cotton) .

Date – day of the values

Open – value at market opening

High – highest value from that day

Low – lowest value from that day

Close – value at market closing time

Volume – total number of exchanges made (sale/trade) of cotton during that

Prices are in indian rupees (INR) for every cotton bale.

The many numerical variables can be assumed to be daily temporal series.


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