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I am making a lattice plot and I would like to use the value in one column
to define the pch and another column to define color of points. Something

xyplot(mpg ~ wt | cyl,
       col = gear,
       pch = carb

There are unique pch points in the second and third panels, but these
points are only unique within the plots, not among all the plots (as they
should be). You can see this if you use the following code:

xyplot(mpg ~ wt | cyl,
       groups = carb

This plot looks great for one group, but if you try to invoke two groups
using c(gear, carb) I think it simply takes unique combinations of those
two variables and plots them as unique colors.

Another solution given by a StackExchange user:

mypch <- 1:6
mycol <- 1:3

xyplot(mpg ~ wt | cyl,
          panel = function(x, y, ..., groups, subscripts) {
              pch <- mypch[factor(carb[subscripts])]
              col <- mycol[factor(gear[subscripts])]
              grp <- c(gear,carb)
              panel.xyplot(x, y, pch = pch, col = col)

This solution has the same problems as the code at the top. I think the
issue causing problems with both solutions is that not every value for each
group is present in each panel, and they are almost never in the same
order. I think R is just interpreting the appearance of unique values as a
signal to change to the next pch or color. My actual data file is very
large, and it's not possible to sort my way out of this mess. It would be
best if I could just use the value in two columns to actually define a
color or pch for each point on an entire plot. Is there a way to do this?

Ps, I had to post this via email because the Nabble site kept sending me an
error message: "Message rejected by filter rule match"


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