[R] Bifactor model and infit statistics?

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Thu Apr 11 17:47:10 CEST 2019


I amcurrently in the process of calibrating an item bank using a GPCM model. So, amI right to assume that the bifactor model allows me to work with my generalfactor by assimilating it to a one-factor model, without taking into account groupfactors? That is, I can estimate my item parameters from my factor loadings onthe general factor only?

If so, Ihave some questions about evaluating the fit of my model. The calculation of infitstatistics is specific to unidimensional models. Can I compute infit statisticsusing the general factor or do I have to do this separately for each of the groupfactors? Or is there a more appropriate method to evaluate the fit of my modelwhen calibration an item bank using a GPCM model?

Thank youin advance.

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