[R] Code driven data.frame naming question.

Fieck, Joe Joe@F|eck @end|ng |rom Ter@d@t@@com
Mon Apr 15 17:50:44 CEST 2019

Hello R list.  I'm very new.  I have what I hope is a simple question that I have not been able to find a good solution for.
If this is common and clutters anyone's inbox my most sincere apologies in advance...

I am trying to use an argument from a function in the name of a data.frame.  But I seem to only be able to reference the arguments from the right hand side of the <- .

So something like this.  I would just want the function below to create a new data.frame named "myDataSet". 
Done on its own like "myDataSet <- data.frame()"

myFunction <- function(x){       # suppose x is just a collection with one value with is the name I want the data.frame create as.. c("myDataSet") for example
	name(x) <- data.frame()

But this of course doesn't work because I have not figured out how to reference the function argument from the left hand side of the <- .  
I have read about the "assign" function but from what I can tell (granted I'm new to R) the assign function works on the variable names not data.frame names which is what I need.

Ultimately what I'm trying accomplish to send a list of character strings then iterate it and create multiple new data.frames each having the name of one of the elements of the list passed to the function.

If there is even a better article out on the web that I'm obviously missing please orient me.   I have struck out so far but I know I may not be searching correctly either. 
Any help at all would be much appreciated...

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