[R] Time Series Latent Variable modeling in lavaan

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Tue Aug 6 14:54:12 CEST 2019

Dear all,

I have been reading some documentations including Latent variable Modeling
using R and I am confronted with some challenges.  Could you please
direction/guidance me with the following problem?

If I am given continuous time series ‘quarterly data’ with three indicators
(Y1, Y2 and Y3) and 5 causal variables (X1, X2, . . ., X5) and assuming
one latent variable (F1). The observed variables are stationary at first
difference I(1).

How do i specify the model in lavaan() given that this is a time series
 quarterly data with  continuous variables only. I would like to see a
draft model specification in lavaan.

 Looking forward to hearing from you soon and I will give feedback.

Kind regards,


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