[R] filter and add a column

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Tue Aug 6 20:19:33 CEST 2019


I am filtering my data frame "tot" via:

controls=tot %>% filter_all(any_vars(. %in% c("E109", "E119","E149"))) %>%
filter_all(any_vars(. %in% c("Caucasian"))) %>% filter_all(any_vars(. %in%
c("No kinship found","Ten or more third-degree relatives identified")))

> dim(controls)
[1] 15381  1093
> dim(tot)
[1] 502536   1093

how do I add in my data frame "tot" a new column called "controls" where
every of those filtered 15381 rows would have the value 1 and the rest
which can be found in tot have the value -9?


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