[R] Understanding parameters of ugarch and DCC

Tommaso Ferrari tom|err|93 @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Wed Aug 7 12:23:44 CEST 2019

Dear all,
I'm using *rugarch* and *rmgarch *to implement a DCC model over 30
different assets.

While using *ugarchspec *for defining input parameters of univariate GARCH
using a t-Student distribution, I have noticed that there is a parameter
called *fixed.pars*. Using the example given in GitHub, this parameter is
set as following:

fixed.pars = list(shape = 5)

in case of a t-Student distribution. If I change this setting from 5 to 3
(for example) results are very different. Can someone tell me the
importante and the usage of this parameter?

Thanks to all

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