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I does not use Deducer so I do not know if it has some features for such task

In plain R instead
file.names <- dir(pattern = "*.txt")

file.names <- list.files(pattern = "*.txt")

for(i in 1:length(file.names)){file <-
> read.table(file.names[i],header=TRUE) #
Here you want to change zeros to NA in TBC column

>    file[c("TBC")] <- recode.variables(file[c("TBC")] , "0 -> NA;")

is.na(file[, "TBC"]) <- (file[,"TBC"]==0)

This is cryptic for me

# Create new BW variable and data set then change data file name for
the analysis

but if I understand correctly, you want to have some summary statistics on each file

For this you could try
?apply, ?summary, ?fivenum or use your own function - something like

myf <-function(x) c(mean(x), min(x), max(x), sd(x))

Store result in one row
result[i,] <- apply(file, 2,myf)

Output result after cycle ends.
write.csv(result, "somename.csv")

Data frame "result" could be predefined based on number of your files and output columns.


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> Subject: [R] Need help with an iteration
> Hi all,
> I am having an issue with trying to run iterations for the same analysis with a
> list of data sets.  I am assuming I am missing a basic step here.
> Code I am trying is below.  Not certain if a NEXT call needs to be included
> somewhere or not.
> This is run under the Deducer GUI.  I would also be content to simply run in a
> basic R console if that works.
> # First step, was to create a folder with the simple data files for the analysis
> # Set the WD for that directory
> setwd("C://Embalonurids")
> # Call all the names of the files in that folder
> file.names <- dir(pattern = "*.txt")
> #Make a LOOP for the analysis
> for(i in 1:length(file.names)){file <-
> read.table(file.names[i],header=TRUE) # read the text files one by one
>    # Deducer code used
>    file[c("TBC")] <- recode.variables(file[c("TBC")] , "0 -> NA;")

>    # Create new BW variable and data set then change data file name for the
> analysis
>    BW<-within(file,BW<-Fmax-Fmin)
>    BW<-within(BW,FcH1<-Fc*.5)
>    BW<-within(BW,FcH3<-FcH1*3)
>    BatStats<-BW
> # In the Deducer GUI this is the code that runs manually if I run these one by
> one BatStats<-Deducer::descriptive.table (vars = d
> (Dur,TBC,Fmin,Fmax,BW,Fmean,Fk,FcH1,Fc,FcH3,Sc,Pmc),data=
> BatStats,func.names =c("Valid N","Minimum","Maximum","Mean","St.
> Deviation"),func.additional= list(p75=function(x) quantile(x, c(0.75),
> na.rm=TRUE),p85=function(x) quantile(x, c(0.85),
> na.rm=TRUE),p90=function(x) quantile(x,
> c(0.90),na.rm=TRUE),p99=function(x) quantile(x, c(0.99),na.rm=TRUE)))
>   ## Then the results need to be written to an outputdirectory
>   name <- as.character(paste(file.names[i], ".csv", sep="")) # this creates an
> element that will have the name of the file that is used in each run
> # I have tried both setting a new WD or simply defined where to writ the
> results
> setwd("C://Embalonurids/Results")
> write.csv(BatStats, name)    #this should assign the names of the files as it
> iterates one by one })
> #also tried directing where to write the outputas I do when manually running
> this
> #write.csv(BatStats,name,file="C:\\Emballonurids\Results"))
> I would like to run this as an iteration as I have > 200 data files to process and
> would love to have it run in background while I am working on other things.
> An assistance welcomed.
> Bruce
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