[R] Creating data using multiple for loops

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Sun Aug 18 20:47:20 CEST 2019

I would like to create pseudo identification numbers in the format of last
four of a social security number (0000 to 9999), month of birth (01 to 12),
and day of birth (01-28). The IDs can be character.

I have gotten this far:

for (ssn in 0:9){
     for (month in 1:3){
          for (day in 1:5){
                      id <-paste(ssn, month, day, sep="")

limiting each value above for demonstration purposes. I cannot figure out
how to store the created IDs. I know I have to create a container, but I
don't know, among other things, how to index the container.  Any help is
appreciated. TIA


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