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Mon Aug 26 21:37:31 CEST 2019

The footer of every message on this list has a link to the Posting Guide, which discusses several mailing lists. Among the issues mentioned there that seem particularly relevant to your emails are:

- R-help is for questions about R (which is a very general vehicle for implementing solution methods for a wide range of domains). "Questions likely to prompt discussion unintelligible to non-programmers should rather go to R-devel than R-help."

- R-package-devel is specifically about making packages for R. Clearly, that is a subset of topics related to the R language, but it is relatively specialized so it has a dedicated mailing list to avoid cluttering the mailboxes of people not interested in those details.

- There is a discussion regarding "Questions about statistics", which frequently triggers the "go elsewhere" response you may have seen.

- There is a warning that not all packages are on-topic in R-help:
"For questions about functions in standard packages distributed with R (see the FAQ Add-On Packages in R), ask questions on R-help. If the question relates to a contributed package , e.g., one downloaded from CRAN, try contacting the package maintainer first. You can also use find("functionname") and packageDescription("packagename") to find this information. Only send such questions to R-help or R-devel if you get no reply or need further assistance. This applies to both requests for help and to bug reports."

- There is a warning that the mailing list is a text-only list. It is difficult to cover all the "whys and hows" for this issue even in a Posting Guide, but when you fail to set your originating email program to send using plain text format then you run a significant risk that the people you want answers from will see a corrupted version of what you intended for them to see, making it less likely that they will respond.

Just think "is this about the R programming language and is there no more specific place to ask it" before you post to avoid most off-topic diversions.

On August 26, 2019 8:09:57 AM PDT, "Helmut Schütz" <helmut.schuetz using bebac.at> wrote:
>Hi Bert,
>Bert Gunter wrote on 2019-08-26 16:52:
>> Almost surely better posted on the r-package-devel mailing list.
>Do you have a macro for those ‘answers’ of yours? SCNR.
>*Which* kind of questions are -- in your opinion -- suitable to be 
>posted *here*?

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