[R] A better scales::dollar() ?

Fri Dec 6 12:50:46 CET 2019

I'm writing a quite large document in Rmarkdown which has financial data in it.  I format that data using scales::dollar() currently something like this:

> require (scales)
> x = 100000
> cat (dollar (x, prefix ="£", big.mark=","))


But actually, I'd quite like to get £100k out in that instance so I'd do:

> cat (dollar (x/10^3, prefix ="£", suffix="k" ))


But x could be 100 or 10,000,000.  I want some form of 'automatic' version that might give me something like:

> require (scales)
> y = 0:7
> x = 1^y
> dollar(x, prefix="£")
[1] "£1"          "£10"         "£100"        "£1,000"      "£10,000"     "£100,000"    "£1,000,000"  "£10,000,000"

But what I want is more like:

£1.00  £10.00  £100  £1k  £10k  £100k  £1m  £10m

I'm sure I can write something as a little function, but before I do - is there something already out there?

I have a similar need to format milligrams through to kilograms.


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