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Tue Dec 17 23:51:37 CET 2019

Hi All,

I wanted to to convert character date  mm/dd/yy  to YYYY-mm-dd
The sample data and my attempt is shown below

gs <-read.table(text="ID date
A1   09/27/03
A2   05/27/16
A3   01/25/13
A4   09/27/19",header=TRUE,stringsAsFactors=F)

Desired output
  ID     date      d1
 A1 09/27/03 2003-09-27
 A2 05/27/16 2016-05-27
 A3 01/25/13 2012-04-25
 A4 09/27/19 2019-09-27

I used this
gs$d1 = as.Date(as.character(gs$date), format = "%Y-%m-%d")

but I got NA's.

How do I get my desired result?
Thank you.

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