[R] Using older version of R

Steven Yen @tyen @end|ng |rom ntu@edu@tw
Fri Dec 20 17:24:43 CET 2019

I had to use an older version of R (as old as R3.0.3) for a reason. I 
myself have no problem installing a package built under a newer version, 
but my student (who also installed R3.0.3) could not install the package 
(newer version). Had an error message saying package xxxxx is not 
available under R3.0.3. Is there a get-arround----to be able to install 
while running an older R version? (Don't ask me why I run an older R. An 
essential package I need works well only in R3.0.3). Thank you all.

styen using ntu.edu.tw (S.T. Yen)

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