[R] Converting AIS Message to Number

Paul Bernal p@u|bern@|07 @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Mon Dec 23 19:14:28 CET 2019

Dear friends,

Hope you are doing great. I would like to process an AIS file (which comes
in either a .txt or .csv format). The AIS file is contained in a specific
path, say C:/AISFiles/File.txt. The file contains messages like the
!AIVDM,2,1,2,A,5EPtgd42CRtIADNU using N0<E98v1 using TM8F222222220m1HB586R`0?0kk3k`40CP,0*2D,1532995201
(all of this is a single message).

Is there a way to make R automatically retrieve the latest file saved on
the path, take each message and convert it to a number?

Best regards,


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