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Anyone familiar with the "rnoaa" library?  I'm trying to pull NOAA  temp
data. I have a key but when I run the code highlighted in yellow  ..

Warning message:
Sorry, no data found 

No matter what station_id I use. 

# library

# set key
options(noaakey = "<Enter key>")

start_date = "2018-01-15"
end_date = "2018-01-31"
station_id = "USW00013994"

weather_data <- ncdc(datasetid='NORMAL_HLY', stationid=paste0('GHCND:',
                     datatypeid = "HLY-TEMP-NORMAL",
                     startdate = start_date, enddate = end_date, limit=500)
data <- weather_data$data 

data$year <- year(data$date)
data$month <- month(data$date)
data$day <- day(data$date)
# summarize to average daily temps
aggregate(value ~ year + month + day, mean, data = data)


Jeff Reichman

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