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Thu Apr 2 10:37:59 CEST 2020

I recommend not using setwd. Then you can always assume your current working directory is your project directory and reference relative to that.

On April 2, 2020 1:30:29 AM PDT, Ivan Calandra <calandra using rgzm.de> wrote:
>Dear useRs,
>I believe this is R code so appropriate for this list, but let me know
>if this relates more to RStudio itself.
>I am working on an RStudio project. In that project directory, I have a
>folder called 'analysis' and in there a folder called 'scripts'
>My data files needed for the scripts are in '~/analysis/raw_data' and
>the output should be in '~/analysis/derived_data'.
>My scripts are Rmd files, so when I knit them, their working directory
>is where they are located, i.e. '~/analysis/scripts'. The problem I
>have is to specify the path for 'raw_data' and 'derived_data' since
>during the rendering I am not relative to the project directory
>And these folders are not subfolders of the working directory 
>I hope I am clear here...
>I would like to avoid absolute paths of course, but I do not know how
>What would be nice is a way to get the project directory in the
>rather than their working directory.
>Does that make sense?
>Thank you in advance

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