[R] R create .docx file ?

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Wed Apr 8 18:22:28 CEST 2020

Dear All,

Mac Catalina - R 3.6.3 - all up-to-date packages.
I would like to re-create the functionality which was found in the package
{ReporteRs} by creating a .docx file in a folder on my computer from within
R - which can subsequently be used by the {officer} function read_docx.
The function read_docx on my system does NOT create a new document, and
neither does the following code:
new.word.doc=function(){ report = read_docx(path ..name.. ".docx"))
return(report) }

I can use {base} file.create to create a file with an extension .docx - but
apparently this is not a .docx file - and read_docx can't read it.
Is there another R package or function which I can use in order to create
(and then close the link to R so that it can be used by another package) a
.docx file ?

Many thanks in advance.

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