[R] A simple string alienation problem

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Tue Apr 14 15:06:30 CEST 2020

Hi Sam,
My code below adds new columns to your data frame so you have the original
columns in order to compare.
(Also this could help in case there are a few rows that don't work in the
full set.)

> x <- read.csv("Fight.csv", stringsAsFactors = F, header = F)
>  x$V3 <- sub("\\\"","",x$V1)  # remove the "
> iV <- grep("/",x$V3)  # get the indices of the rows that have / in the
> x$V4 <- x$V2  # or rep(NA,nrow(x))
> x$V4[iV] <- sub(".*/","",x$V3[iV])  # remove up-to-and-including the /
> x$V3[iV] <- sub("/.*","",x$V3[iV])  # remove from the / and beyond
> x


On Tue, Apr 14, 2020 at 1:55 PM Soumyadip Bhattacharyya <
s.b.sam2801 using gmail.com> wrote:

> ***Dear Eric,*****
> sending from gmail following the way you suggested. Hope now everyone
> can see this email. **** I have also attached the first 50 rows of the
> FIght.csv.***
> ***Output - I will try to do Market basket analysis on this to find
> out rules that I am learning. so once I have the data in transactional
> format - then I can run the algorithm and keep learning. This little
> problem has caused a barrier in my path - I can alienate the string in
> excel - but wanted to do in R - so researching I tried doing this:
> x<- substr(x, 1, nchar(x) - 1)  // but I wasn't successful and I tried
> many other things - its not coming in the transactional format. ***
> Hence now reached out to the experts.**** Many Thanks.
> Hello Dear R Community,
> I would ask a little bit of help from you please:I have a dataset,
> which is in a CSV file – I have read it into R as follows:
>       V1
> tropical fruit"
> whole milk"
> pip fruit"
> other vegetables"
> whole milk"
> rolls/buns"
> The issue is: the data set in csv file also appears with the quotation
> marks “. I can’t get rid of the quotation marks. I want to do it in R.
> The Quotes only appear at the end of the string. The dataset has many
> rows – this is just a copy. My intention is to be able to get rid of
> the quotes and then want to separate the strings with a ‘/’. i.e.
> rolls/buns should be rolls in one column and buns in another.
> I know this is something very simple I am lacking – but if you could
> please show me how to do this? If someone could throw some light
> please. I read the data in with a simple read.csv statement:
> > x <- read.csv("Fight.csv", stringsAsFactors = F, header = F)
> > str(x)
> Output:
> > str(calc)
> 'data.frame':   38765 obs. of  1 variable:
> $ V1: chr  "tropical fruit\"" "whole milk\"" "pip fruit\"" "other
> vegetables\"" ...
> Many Thanks in advance for your help.
> Kind Regards,
> Sam.

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