[R] calculate row median of every three columns for a dataframe

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Wed Apr 15 23:27:58 CEST 2020

 Hi all,
I need to calculate a row median for every three columns of a dataframe.  I made it work using the following script, but not happy with the script.  Is there a simpler way for doing this?
df = data.frame("a"=c(2,3,4), "b"=c(3,5,1),"c"=c(1,3,6),"d"=c(7,2,1),"e"=c(2,5,3),"f"=c(4,5,1))tmed <- function(dt) {x = apply(dt,1,median); return(x)}n =seq(1, ncol(df),3)w=0;for (i in n) {   m=i+2;  dt = df[,i:m];   y=tmed(dt);    w = cbind(w,y)}t.med <- w[,2:3]

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