[R] How to edit a dataframe/tibble in R console

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Sun Apr 26 05:25:50 CEST 2020

I recently installed R 3.6.3 on my windows laptop.

R version 3.6.3 (2020-02-29)

I am trying to import a stata .dta file to R





All works as expected.

[1] "tbl_df"     "tbl"        "data.frame"

Now I cannot use the edit command with a tibble or a data frame

> edit(rootstock)
Error in edit.data.frame(rootstock) :
  can only handle vector and factor elements

I noticed that their is an add-on package editData for Rstudio, but I
cannot use it from the console:

Error: RStudio not running

How can I edit a tibble/dataframe from the console?

Yousri Fanous

Software Developer

IBM Canada

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