[R] (probably) SOLVED was .... Re: confidence interval

David Winsemius dw|n@em|u@ @end|ng |rom comc@@t@net
Sun Apr 26 22:34:26 CEST 2020

On 4/26/20 12:00 PM, David Winsemius wrote:
> On 4/26/20 11:26 AM, Alex Serafim wrote:
>> there is a function called "confbands", which is no longer available in
>> software R. It is not "confband" or "confBands", but "confbands", I 
>> need to
>> use this object to add confidence intervals in my work. Why is this
>> function not available?
>> attached is an image that shows how the graph should look, in another 
>> image
>> is the error that appears in the software. "confbands" object not
>> found. Also attached is an image showing the function functioning 
>> normally.
>> In which even the functions of the object appear.
> There was no attached image or images. That is because you have not 
> carefully read the information provided here: 
> https://stat.ethz.ch/mailman/listinfo/r-help and in the Posting Guide.

Alex replied to me and failed to include the mailing list. He again 
attached images. One of these images showed a fragment of a console 
session where a `confbands` function was displayed in part. It had a 
parameter of newdata and used the function `mydeltaMethod`, so I did a 
google search on "confbands newdata mdeltamethod" and found this page of 


It matches the image exactly, so I think I have identified the missing 

Alex: You still do need to read the Posting Guide and the list Info 
page. The next respondent on rhelp may not be as forgiving of your sins 
against protocol.



> R is composed of packages. You need to know which package the 
> "confbands" function came from before we can identify the cause of its 
> absence.
> It could be that you have not installed or loaded the package into 
> your session. Or it could be that the author of the package in which 
> it used to be made available has not maintained it on CRAN. Or perhaps 
> it was never on CRAN and was instead on some blog or class assignment 
> where it was defined upstream and you failed to notice it. All these 
> situations have been seen on Rhelp posted by persons claiming that a 
> function has gone missing.

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