[R] regular expression, stringr::str_view, grep

Sigbert Klinke @|gbert @end|ng |rom w|w|@hu-ber||n@de
Tue Apr 28 11:29:20 CEST 2020


we gave students the task to construct a regular expression selecting 
some texts. One send us back a program which gives different results on 
stringr::str_view and grep.

The problem is "[^[A-Z]]" / "[^[A-Z]" at the end of the regular 
expression. I would have expected that all four calls would give the 
same result; interpreting [ and ] within [...] as the characters `[` and 
`]`. Obviously this not the case and moreover stringr::str_view and grep 
interpret the regular expressions differently.

Any ideas?

Thanks Sigbert


aff <- c("affgfking", "fgok", "rafgkahe","a fgk", "bafghk", "affgm",
          "baffgkit", "afffhk", "affgfking", "fgok", "rafgkahe", "afg.K",
          "bafghk", "aff gm", "baffg kit", "afffhgk")

correct_brackets <- "af+g[^m$][^[A-Z]]"
missing_brackets <- "af+g[^m$][^[A-Z]"

grep(correct_brackets, aff, value = TRUE) ### result: character(0)
grep(missing_brackets, aff, value = TRUE) ### correct result
str_view(aff, correct_brackets) ### correct result
str_view(aff, missing_brackets) ### error: missing closing bracket


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