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Wed Apr 29 20:53:37 CEST 2020


> It's a complaint that no-one responded to your query within 24 hours.

Correction, it wasn't my query.
I was replying to someone else's query.

> Finally, you cast doubt on whether the function pcf3est actually does calculate...

You've taken what I said out of context.
As I said in my response to Rolf, I didn't run the code.

> email from CRAN requesting me to please cut down the size of the spatstat package

I can't speak on behalf on CRAN.
But reiterating what I said earlier, you'd be better to create smaller
packages, each with a more specific focus.
Each package could have an unofficial co-maintainer to help you out.

> You complain that the documentation is insufficient, but at the same time, you complain that the manual is too long (> 1700 pages) and you seem unwilling to search the documentation or follow cross-references.

Did you read my posts...

The functions DO NOT cross-reference.
The pcf generic/methods DO NOT reference the pcf3est function, at all.
The pcf3est function DOES NOT reference the pp3 function, but rather
references the class of the object.

Also, the seealso sections are minimalist.

If you are not going to create smaller packages, then the least you
could do it improve the standard of the seealso sections and

Furthermore, if functions are not cross-referenced, the reader (I this
case me) doesn't necessarily know what package those functions are
defined in.
You assume that readers will assume the functions are defined in your
package, and then do a search for them.

Instead of making assumptions about assumptions, just use hyperlinks...

> > I was somewhat disappointed ... not one (after approx 24 hours) had tried to
> > help answer the OP's question.
> Seriously?

Yes, seriously.
>From my experiences, if people don't reply to an R-help question in
the first 24 hours, chances that they will reply later are low.
Also, I've found a bias on this forum, with few replies to
physics-related questions.

Personally, I like physicists, one of the most under-valued
professions on the planet.

> I found the pcf function via Googling the subject.
> I don't want to be rude, but this seems pretty lazy.

> Try Googling  'spatstat pair correlation function three dimensions'

That sounds like a contradiction.

Also, it's off the mark, given that I was the only one who attempted
to answer the OPs question.

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