[R] [FORGED] what is the expected behavior of layout.show(n)

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This behaviour is as expected.

The layout.show() function is just there to help visualise what the 
layout will look like.

So for testing purposes, you would do something like ...


Then to actually use the layout, you would do something like ...



On 30/04/20 1:09 am, Yousri Fanous wrote:
> This works as expected: Histograms 1-3 are displayed on the first row and
> histograms 4 and 5 on the second row
> However when I use layout.show to check the layout , it appears that
> layout.show(3) consumes the first 3 locations
>> layout(matrix(c(1,1,2,2,3,3,0,4,4,5,5,0),2,6,byrow=T),respect=F)
>> layout.show(3)
>> hist(sample[,1],main="Hist for sample I",xlab="sample 1",ylab="freq")
>> hist(sample[,2],main="Hist for sample II",xlab="sample 2",ylab="freq")
>> hist(sample[,3],main="Hist for sample III",xlab="sample 3",ylab="freq")
>> hist(sample[,4],main="Hist for sample IV",xlab="sample 4",ylab="freq")
>> hist(sample[,5],main="Hist for sample V",xlab="sample 5",ylab="freq")
> Now the first row shows 3 empty rectangles and histogram 1 and 2 are
> displayed on row 2 while histograms 3-5 are displayed on the top row in a
> different graph / page
> If I use layout.show(5) then each histogram is displayed on a separate
> sheet as if the layout was fully consumed
> Few questions here:
> 1) in case of layout.show(3) why the layout was still remembered / recycled
> 2) with layout.show(5) why was the layout totally dismissed. I expected at
> least it would restart over with 3 graphs in first row and 2 graphs in
> second row to be consistent in behavior with layout.show(3)
> 3) layout.show(x) purpose is to check if my layout is correct. It must not
> leave any side effect on the main plots.
>  From the help of function layout this line relates to layout.show
> layout.show(n) plots (part of) the current layout, namely the outlines of
> the next n figures.
> It does not describe the behavior I am seeing
> 4) Finally is there a way to undo the effect of layout.show except re-enter
> my layout again?
> Yousri

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