[R] Designing a Fractional Factorial Design in R

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Wed Apr 29 21:13:49 CEST 2020

Dear all,

Presently I am working on designing a questionnaire for my discrete choice
experiment. I intend to use R for the "fractional factorial design". I have
the following objective-

The respondent has to choose one out of 4 objects. Each of the 4 objects
are classified by 5 different attributes. However, the levels are not the
same under each of the objects. For example, the table below displays first
three attributes and corresponding values of levels.

                   Object1             Object2                Object3
Attribute1       100              80, 100, 120        120, 140, 160
120, 140, 160
Attribute2    100,80,120     100,80,60,40          80,60,40
75, 50, 25
Atrribute3       100                   100                     100,75
           75, 50, 20, 10

In this scenario, as you can see the number and values of levels for each
attribute may vary across different objects. Given this scenario which
package should I use to implement a fractional factorial design? Any help
would be highly appreciated.

Thanking you,

-- Regards,
Rahul Chakraborty
Research Fellow
National Institute of Public Finance and Policy
New Delhi- 110067

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