[R] Error Message With the "MCMCmixfactanal" Function

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Thu Nov 12 03:18:56 CET 2020

Someone may feel like tackling this anyway, but technically it is off-topic here, as this forum is about the R language rather than specific contributed packages. (http://www.r-project.org/posting-guide.html). Lookup the package DESCRIPTION file on CRAN and if it does not mention a recommended support forum then correspond with the package maintainer.

On November 11, 2020 2:06:03 PM PST, Ziad Elmously <ziad.elmously using us.metrixlab.com> wrote:
>To Whom It May Concern,
>In am using the script below to test the function "MAMCmixfactanal" in
>the package "MCMCpack".
>post <- MCMCmixfactanal(~courts+barb2+prsexp2+prscorr2+gdpw2,
>factors=1, data=PErisk, lambda.constraints=
>However, I get the error message below.
>Acceptance rates:
>Error in print.default(t(accepts)/(posterior$burnin + posterior$mcmc), 
>  invalid printing width
>Your help would be greatly appreciated.
>Kind regards,
>Ziad Elmously
>Director, Advanced Analytics & Data Science
>MetrixLab, a Macromill Group company
>Chalfont, PA, USA
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