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Thu Feb 4 20:39:51 CET 2021

Dear R users,

 I am trying to join two 8 bit integers, as defined by the
"coolbutuseless/uint8" package,
without success:

> library(uint8)

> x1 = uint8(3)> x1[1] = as.uint8(1)
> x1[2] = as.uint8(2)> x2 = uint8(3)> x2[1] = as.uint8(2)> x1[1] 1 2 0> x2[1] 2 0 0> xx = c(x1,x2)> xx[1] 01 02 00 02 00 00

In the real application the first array (x1) is extremely large (order
15-20 Gbytes)
while the second is relatively small, so that I cannot afford, given my RAM,
to define a third array, as

> x3 = uint8(length(x1)+length(x2))

and then fill its components, but I need to join the two arrays.

Is anyone aware of the right procedure in R or so kind to give suggestions ?
(A possibility would be to switch to C/C++, but I would prefer not to).

Many thanks,


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