[R] Customizing plot

Mahmood Naderan-Tahan m@hmood@n@der@n @end|ng |rom ugent@be
Fri Feb 5 16:44:49 CET 2021

1- How can I assign different  colors to different observations in the PCA chart? Assume, I have 10  observations and I want to use black color for the first 5 and read for  the next 5 observations.

Currently, I use 

 res.pca = PCA(mydata[,1:37], scale.unit=TRUE, graph=T)

2- How can I change the plot area size and font sizes? With these commands
 dev.new(width=20, height=4)

 The final plot is not what I expected. Please see the picture at https://imgur.com/UINTnv7 


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