[R] Difficulty using the tryCatch() function

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Sun Feb 7 20:30:59 CET 2021

I need help using the tryCatch function. I have a function and I want to 
surround it with tryCatch to catch errors and thereby avoid stopping 
execution of my program if the function fails. In my reproducible 
example below I have used a very simply function that just adds two 
numbers together. My function, called Adn, compiles, but when executed 
it generates the message: "Error in tryCatch({ : condition handlers must 
be specified with a condition class". I do not understand the error 

# Reproducible example for using tryCatch

Adn <- function(x,y) {
   out <- tryCatch(
       warning = function(cond) {
         message("There was a warning.")
         message("Here is the original warning message:")
       error = function(cond) {
         message("There was an error.")
         message("Here is the original error message:")
     finally = {
       message("Error handling done.")
   if (out==100 | out==200) { z <- 0 }
   else { z <- x+y }
(result <- Adn(1,sqrt(2))) # should work fine
(result <- Adn(1,sqrt(-2))) # should catch a warning and set z to 0
(result <- Adn(1,"a")) # should catch an error and set z to 0

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