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Tue Feb 9 23:10:29 CET 2021

Ha David,
I do not know.
It must be that your AprtoDec object  is different from month.abb.
Anyhow it should contain the labels for all twelve months!
If I copy your command in an interactive session I just get the message
that AprtoDec is not defined.

I understand that you type the commands interactively in an R session?
I usually prefer using an editor to write the program, and execute with a
 > source("dotplot.R",echo=TRUE)
I like an editor with syntax highlighting and shows matching brackets.

I have attached my dotplot.R to this mail.


Op 09-02-2021 om 21:14 schreef Parkhurst, David F.:
> When I enter your line:
> df <- expand.grid(site=c("een","twee","drie","vier","vijf"),
>                    month=factor(3:12,levels=1:12,
>                                 labels=month.abb, ordered=TRUE))
> I get + signs in front of month and label, as expected, and it follows with <
> When I convert that to use my own variable names to this:
> df <- expand.grid(site=c("CrCr","NFSC","MFSC","SFSC","LMO","MCE","MUE","MLE"),
>      monames=factor(3:12, levels=1:12,
>         labels=AprToDec, ordered=TRUE))
>   I get + signs in front of monames and labels, again as expected, but then it gives me another + sign.  And if I try to add another ), it keeps giving me + signs.  What is happening here?
> From: Gerrit Draisma <gdraisma using xs4all.nl>
> Date: Tuesday, February 9, 2021 at 6:14 AM
> To: Parkhurst, David F. <parkhurs using indiana.edu>
> Cc: r-help using r-project.org <r-help using r-project.org>
> Subject: Re: [R] Need help using lattice
> Ha David,
> Thanks for your reply.
> For your last question, you have to change month into an ordered factor
> variable:
> library(lattice)
> df <- expand.grid(site=c("een","twee","drie","vier","vijf"),
>                    month=factor(3:12,levels=1:12,
>                                 labels=month.abb, ordered=TRUE))
> df$conc <- rnorm(dim(df)[1])
> dotplot(month~conc|site,data=df)
> HTH, Gerrit
> Op 08-02-2021 om 21:04 schreef Parkhurst, David F.:
>> That worked nicely;  thanks again.  Here’s what I used for our data:
>> library(lattice)
>> df <-
>> expand.grid(site=c("CrCr","NFSC","MFSC","SFSC","LMO","MCE","MUE","MLE","MoCe"),months=1:9)
>> dotplot(months~conc | site, data=df)
>> The result is attached.  Is there a way to replace the month numbers on
>> the y axes with the names Apr-Dec?
>> David

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