[R] readline in function call with space in prompt.

Jeremie Juste jerem|eju@te @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Wed Feb 17 12:52:31 CET 2021


Sorry for the delayed reply and thanks for your feedback. I noticed this
problem both on Linux and on Windows.

Thanks for leading me to the solution.

I'm on R version 4.0.3 (2020-10-10) -- "Bunny-Wunnies Freak Out".
A common factor between the Windows and the Linux session is Emacs ESS.

I was not able to replicate the problem in a terminal. So yes the issue
is likely to lie with Emacs ESS. The versions I'm currently using is

ess-version: 18.10.3snapshot [elpa: 20200825.829] (loaded from /home/djj/.emacs.d/elpa/ess-20200825.829/)

ess-version: 18.10.3snapshot [elpa: 20201122.814] (loaded from

I will report it on the ESS mailing list if need be. 

Many thanks again,
Best regards,
Jeremie Juste

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