[R] how to find the table in R studio

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Wed Jan 12 21:07:22 CET 2022

Hi all,
I created a function in R. It will be generate a table "temp". I can view it in R studio, but I cannot find it on the top right window in R studio. Can someone tell me how to find it in there? Same thing for f_table. 
Thank you,

f1 <- function(indata , subgrp1){
  subgrp1 <- enquo(subgrp1)
  indata0 <- indata
  temp    <- indata0 %>% select(!!subgrp1) %>% arrange(!!subgrp1) %>% 
    group_by(!!subgrp1) %>%
    mutate(numbering =row_number(), max=max(numbering))
  f_table <- table(temp$Species)

f1(iris, Species)

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