[R] How to define a new space based on PC1 and PC2

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Mon Jan 17 08:55:13 CET 2022

Dear Experts,
Happy New Year!!, and thank you very much for all the assistance you
rendered to me last year.

I ran a PCA (Principal component analysis) and would like to combine PC1
and PC2 in order to define a new space. The variances associated with PC1
and PC2 are respectively 51% and 14%.

The new space defined by PC1 and PC2 should result in the addition of the
variances of the two PCs, i.e. 51%+14% = 65%.

Some decision boundary lines/curves representing pth = 25%, 50%, 75% should
also be added to the plot combining PC1 and PC2.

I would be extremely happy to receive your help. The quires I tried to
articulate above are indeed comments raised by one of the reviewers of my
manuscript that recently returned for revision. The reviewer seems to have
done such analysis and has sent me a copy of his/her paper where such
analysis is presented in two plots. I would send the paper if anyone would
like to take a look at it.

Many thanks and warm regards

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