[R] Constructing confidence interval ellipses with R

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Mon Jan 24 22:24:11 CET 2022

Dear friends,

I will be sharing a dataset which has the following columns:
1. Scenario
2. Day of Transit date
3. Canal Ampliado
4. Canal Original

Basically, I need to create a scatter plot diagram, with the Canal Ampliado
column values in the x-axis, and the Canal Original column values in the
y-axis, but also, I need to create confidence interval ellipses grouping
the points on the scatterplot, based on the different scenarios.

So I need to have in one graph, the scatterplot of Canal Ampliado vs Canal
Original and then, on the same graph, construct the confidence interval

I will attach an image depicting what I need to accomplish, as well as the
dataset, for your reference.

Any help and/or guidance will be greatly appreciated.


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