[R] opening nimroad tar gz files in R

Nick Wray n|ckmwr@y @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Thu Sep 15 13:10:30 CEST 2022


I am trying to download data sets from the 1 km Resolution UK Composite
Rainfall Data from the Met Office Nimrod System


CEDA Archive Web Browser

I can download an individual file (there are lots for each year) as a
.gz.tar and then it appears as a TAR file in the directory I am using.

I have then used the instruction untar() (targeted on the correct
directory) and what this produces is about a dozen these files which are
labelled as .gz files.  They appear in the same folder as the original TAR
folder but as R files (ie although they have .gz in the name they have the
R icon next to them as do any R progs which I have).  I can’t open them
though as R progs (which I don’t really think they can be) and trying to
just takes me back to the R studio interface.

I’ve tried  -- read.table (gzfile
("metoffice-c-band-rain-radar_uk_200404062250_1km-composite.dat.gz")) but
that just gives a load of error messages and I haven’t found any other way
of opening them as .gz files.

I’m rather baffled – can anyone make any suggestions?  Thanks Nick Wray

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