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Thank you for your reply.  I meant from the dataframe, but that�s one of the terms I had forgotten.  I created that from read.csv, the csv file coming from Excel.  Last night I went ahead and made the change(s) using Excel.

For future reference, when I look at your solutions below, what do you mean by �value to delete�?  Could that just be a row number?  I was wanting to delete something like the 18th row in the dataframe?

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From the file? Or the data frame once its loaded?

What format is the file? CSV?

Do you know the line that needs deleted?

mydf <- read.csv("myfile.csv")

mydf2 <- mydf[-columnName == "valuetodelete", ]
# Note the - infront of column name
# or perhaps columnName != "value to delete", ]

write.csv(mydf2, "mydeletedfile.csv")

On Sun, 18 Sep 2022, 10:33 Parkhurst, David, <parkhurs using indiana.edu<mailto:parkhurs using indiana.edu>> wrote:
I�ve been retired since �06 and have forgotten most of R.  Now I have a use for it.  I�ve created a data file and need to delete one row from it.  How do I do that?

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